Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Arctic Jeep Expedition Begins !

ZJ Woody has started his journey to Canada !    Woody posted on the Jeep Expeditions members only forum that he has started out on what he has dubbed   "Woody, Russ & Sam's Canadian Rockies Adventure".   

Woody, Russ and Sam wanted to spend more time in the Canadian Rockies, namely the Ice Fields Parkway area between Banff and Jasper, Canada.

They will be meeting in Banff on June 30th to explore this beautiful area that includes the Canadian Glacier National Park and Lake Louise.  They will end up in Jasper on July 4th.   On July 5th, the rest of us will meet up with the "3 Musketeers" and begin our Adventure to the Arctic.    In the meantime, our two groups will  keep in contact with our Iridium Satellite Phones.

As a final note, Woody posted this picture as he always does before a trip.   This one is not only Alaska themed but also international too as Woody has his Passport ready.

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