Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday July 1 - Group 2 departs

Today myself, Tony, HalfastJohn, TrawlerCat, Kevin and friend and Tommy P departed to meet up in Dillon, MT on July 2nd.    Here I am leaving Arizona:

Day one brought some of us through Las Vegas, back into Arizona and a beautiful  area called the Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area.   Temperatures today topped out at around 110 and it didn't cool down much until we got well into Utah where by dark the temps were in the low 70s.

Kevin stopped for the night in Fillmore, UT at the Wagons West Campground,  Tony and I stopped at Cove Fort, UT (about an hour south of Kevin) after 556 miles.   TrawlerCat, HalfastJohn and Tommy proceeded to Dillon, MT for some exploring and our meeting place tomorrow.

All of us had long drives today and a good nights sleep is welcomed

Snow on the mountains in UT in July !

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