Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday July 26 - Fort Langley, BC Canada to Seattle Washington

The problem with staying in a motel instead of camping is that you aren't as eager to rise at 6 am and today was no different.    I posted more pictures to the blog, watched some news then finally checked out of the motel around 0930.   My first stop was Tim Hortens for a tasty donut breakfast and then off to historic Fort Langley.

I don't know how old the restored fort is but the oldest building there is 171 years old and is the oldest building in western Canada.   They say the Fort Langley was the birth place of British Columbia.   The first thing that greets you is the massive log walls of the compound and the guard tower at the northwest corner.   After entering the gates you get a glimpse of what life was like in the early 1800s.    Log buildings for craftsman like the blacksmith, barrel makers, basket makers and such.   More buildings for lodging and a big house for the the military and civilian commanders and their families.   A garden for their food and a pen for livestock.   Everyone there was in period dress and were great actors.   They got you in the mood for your 200 year old journey.  After spending way too much time there (no regrets) I worked my way to the US border where I waited over 1/2 hour to cross.

Got a call from Russ,  his ferry from Victoria was coming into port in the next hour or so,  that would put us both in Seattle about the same time.    Called John and Tommy,   they are running about 4 hours behind and said they would stay in Bellingham, WA tonight and catch up to us the next morning.

Russ and I met up just north of Seattle and decided to do some exploring.  We 1st went to Kerry Park which pretty much has a high up, unobstructed view of the city of Seattle, the Space Needle and the harbor/port area for some fantastic pictures.   It was time for dinner so we went to the world famous since 1938 Ivars "Acres of Clams" at Pier 54.   Russ got the salmon and I got the clams and we shared the appetizer trio and the blueberry cobbler a la mode.   Now I know why it is world famous.

After dinner it was back to Kerry Park for some night time shots of Seattle and we weren't disappointed with the views.     We then headed for our hotel just off I-5 near the airport.

Off to Mt Ranier, Mt Saint Helens, Mt Hood and spending the night in Bend, OR.

Fort Langley

On the way to the border

At the Border


From Galbraith Lake to Galbraith Pier,  reminders of Jim are everywhere

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