Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thursday June 30 - Advance Group Report

Left this morning up Hwy 93 in Montana to enter Canada at Port Roosville at the border.
We had 6 vehicles in front of us but it went so fast that the border wait time was only 5 minutes.

Only saw one Border Agent, he ran my plates in his computer and did not need registration or insurance info it was already in the computer thanks to Nevada online systems.

He checked our Passports, asked if we had any firearms, and waved us through.

They were not doing any inspections and did not even ask about the fruits or vegetables.

Woody and Carole then drove to Fort Steele just a short ways into BC, an historic town site saved from the late 18 hundreds, with Hotels, Churches, Black Smith Shop, Bakery, & Restaurants. They also had an old Steam Train that you could ride on, so they did. 
They then went to Banff where they met up with Sam and Pat and Russ and Ziggy
The advance group of Woody, Carole, Sam, Pat, Russ and Ziggy will be exploring the Icefields Parkway and the Canadian Glacier National Park until July 6th where both groups will meet in Jasper Canada and proceed the rest of the way.

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