Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, July 24th - Dease Lake, British Columbia to Cluculz Lake, BC

Sitting here at a McDonalds in Smithers British Columbia and taking advantage of the WifFi for a few minutes and giving Carol a break from having to post to the BLOG with my SAT phone updates.    There is a very cool glacier just west of town I spent a few minutes at.  Not sure where I will end up tonight,  the plan for tonight called for Lac La Hache but I will be lucky to make it to Prince George, a few hundred miles short.  Blame it on the bears and moose.

Today the sun woke me up at 0515 as it rose into the sky.    The gas station wouldn't open until 9am so I decided to keep burning fuel until I got to a station that was open.   Found one about an hour later, got a quick meal at the restaurant and hit the road again.

Today was the day of the bear.   I saw literally dozens of black bears, so many that I lost count but I am betting it was more than 50!    I did find out that if I turned off my headlights as I got close to the bears they would not run away and I took hundreds of pictures of what I consider a magnificent animal.   But it didn't stop at bears,  the moose were loose and I found a number of them in lakes eating whatever they find tasty under the water.   I have some great pictures, can't wait to post them.

I wanted to take a side trip to Steward, Canada/Seward, Alaska to see the Bear Glacier but I decided that would be for another time.     Moving on I reached the intersection or Rt 37 and the Trans Canada Hwy later afternoon,  fueled up and hit the road east bound towards Prince George.

That brings me to where I am now,   in Smithers,  a large town by any Canadian standards for sure and the 1st McDonalds in about 500 miles.    Can you believe they have a double Big Mac with 4 patties on the menu???

Ok, hitting the road again.   Will update this post when I have more.  

Ok, update.........Ended up about 40 miles north of Prince George last night along the way there were signs warning of moose crossings and I saw two that got hit.  One by a tractor trailer,  there wasn't much left of the moose but the big rig didn't fair too well either.   The second moose,  I would guess to be 700 lbs or more was hit by a Honda.    Neither made it.   It looked like the Honda might have hit it below the knees, the moose went into the roof and the windshield.    The roof was buckled back about half way into the car, the windshield was in the car, the passenger side roof pillar looked like it had been literally ripped from the car.  Then it looked like the moose ended up on the trunk and trashed the whole rear too.   After that I decided to be a little lighter on the gas and more watchful of the road.

Sights along the way today
Animals of Rt 37
 Double Big Mac ?  4 All Beef Patties.................
 Signs,   left and right logging trucks,  dump truck speeding,  COPs,  slow down psychedelic, fire truck........


  1. Stop trying to kill yourself!
    According to the schedule, we're not supposed to cross the border until the day AFTER tomorrow.

  2. Are you traveling alone now?


  3. After leaving Denali National Park, Trawlercat, Kevin and I met in Homer, AK. Mike, Woody and John went to Eagle. Mike and John went to Inuvik together then Mike has been taking the express route toward home while John has been taking a more leisurely pace toward home. I'm in Port Hardy, BC. Trawlercat is in Juneau, AK. Woody is in Seward, AK. Kevin is in Seattle, WA. I don't know exactly where Mike or John ended up last night.


  4. When we left Denali, I had hoped to meet up with Mike and John in Vancouver tomorrow and head home together, but now it looks like Mike will blow through there today and John won't be there for a few days, so Ziggy and I might be heading home by ourselves.


  5. Trawlercat is getting ready to board the ferry from Juneau to Bellingham WA. Hiked Mendenhall glacier today.

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