Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday July 2nd - Cove Fort, UT to Dillon, Montana

Woke up this morning to a nice 65 degrees, blue skies and sunshine.    Tony and I left for Fillmore to meet up with Kevin who was still "in bed" when we arrived.    It took just a few minutes for Kevin to break camp and we hit I-15 towards Salt Lake City after breakfast at Dennys.

The Utah country side was beautiful.    Ranches, farms and lots of snow at the higher elevations.   Within a few hours we were cruising past Salt Lake City.     We were going to have lunch at the Golden Spike National Monument but after getting off the exit we realized that it was an hour round trip and would have pretty much taken 2+ hours so we got back on the highway headed to Idaho, 90 minutes away.

The sign at the Idaho/UT border was kind of boring.   Blue with white letters but we knew that we were less than 4 hours from Montana.    Idaho is a state of green pastures, rolling hills and LOTS of potato farms!  We even passed two Budweiser plants along the way but no time for samples.

By 6pm we finally crossed the Montana border where they had a much cooler sign than Idaho and we could not resist taking a picture
 With just one hour to go we called HalfastJohn and Tommy to give them an ETA to Dillon.    TrawlerCat went on to Glacier NP for some reconnaissance in anticipation of our arrival in Glacier tomorrow. 

A gourmet dinner at the local Pizza Hut and then off to our motels for the night and the excitement of arriving at Glacier NP tomorrow and the real beginning of our adventure.

Snow in Idaho

Brews Galore

Rolling Hills of Montana

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