Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wed June 29, Advance Group Report

Today Woody and Carole went for a hike at John's Lake Loop near the MacDonald Lodge in Glacier NP.
Along on the hike was a friend of Steve's (OB1-another Jeep Expeditions member) a Dr. John & his wife Marilyn from Michigan.  Small world.    He has a Jeep that Steve helped modify and we talked Jeeps as we hiked along.

At the end of the day it started to rain but the weather is suppose to be better by the 4th of July.
The lakes, rivers and creeks are all at capacity or over and one source said the highest in 16 years.

We were told that the "Going To The Sun" road that crosses Glacier NP is CLOSED due to being washed out again and the heavy trucks were going in and out of the Park as they worked on the road.

Clearwater River in Idaho:
Flathead River in Montana:

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