Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watching the Mid-Night Sun - The last 24 hour day in Inuvik for 2011

I am sitting here after a long days ride watching the sun set at 11:55 PM local time.   It still has a way to go, think of the suns position in Phoenix, AZ  around 5 pm or so and that will give you an idea of where the sun is in the sky.   Only, tonight is the last day of the midnight sun in Inuvik this year.     The sun sort of sets in the west, moves around to the north, then to the east and it starts rising again.    A full 24 hours of sun, something we missed in Alaska due to all the rain and clouds.

Update:   It is now 0030 hrs local time.    The sun stopped setting at about 2 or 3 telephone poles high.   It is now moving clockwise to the north at the same height in the sky.  I am trying to take pictures about every 15 minutes or so.   Am thinking it could be a long night or is it day?   This is so cool!

Update:  0100 hrs local time.   Its dipped a little in the sky,  but it is still going clockwise towards the north.     I think I will watch it until about 3 am before I call it a night

Update:  Its 2am local time in Inuvik.     The sun continues to move clockwise towards the north.   Its about 20% across the sky.     A direct view isn't possible now because of higher ground and tall buildings are obscuring it.    The coolest thing is that the moon is doing the same thing about 90 degrees to the right of the sun at almost the same height of the sun.

Final Update:  0300 hrs local time.    The sun is still above the horizon and moving towards the north.   It is about 30-40% across the sky to the east where it will start rising again this morning some time.

Very cool indeed.   It was worth the trip up here just to see this phenomenon.

Update:  7am and just woke up.    The sun is on the other side of town and about as high at the 10am sun back home in Mesa, AZ.   It never set last night or since mid May.   Simply amazing!

See the sun go sideways across the landscape before it rises into the sky  again

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